Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you are all having a good beginning of the weekend! We have done a little work, but are mostly just relaxing! We may check out some fireworks tonight, and then plan an adventure to the St. Louis Arch tomorrow for the airshow and fireworks over the river. It has been several years since we last went, so should be fun. We won't have to carry a tired toddler over the Eads Bridge at the end of the night this time!

After all the cakes I did mid-May through mid-June, I got busy with cookies! First were dear hubby's 50th birthday cookies and balloons.

We surprised him at the office. He hates surprises. He also hates getting his picture taken! (He prefers to be behind the camera. Check out his photography blog at Lsqrd Imaging.)

My daughter is a lifeguard at the local YMCA this summer. She decided to make cookies for the crew! This was her first foray into cookie decorating- now she is hooked! We downloaded clipart to use as templates and handcut the dough for the shapes she wanted.

The whistles, complete with licorice lanyard, were the favorite! She came home and made another batch! (I emailed a cutter company the next day to price a custom cutter for her!)

I think it is now time to take a little break! I have some other projects that must be addressed before I can have more fun!

Have a safe celebration of our wonderful nation's independence!
Thank you to all of our military heros and your families for your sacrifices.